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Esaimen aku: NOTRHPORT...

Well, aku decide nak masukkan salah satu esaimen aku dalam blog ni..
xpe kan???


Northport once before started as a railway port. When it was opened in 1901, it was called as Swettenham. In 1963, it changes its name to Port Klang Authority (PKA). Then, it was developed and became the first container vessel in 1973. It was privatize in 1986 under the privatization law. When it was privatizing, it become the most high income business in Malaysia. It’s owned by Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and known as Klang Container Terminal (KCT). Because of its developing, the government decides to build another port known as Klang Port Management (KPM) and it was owned by government. It was build just a stone throw away from KCT. But in 2000, PNB owned both KCT and KPM and named it as Northport.

Northport is strategically located midway on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia overlooking the world's busiest waterway, the Straits of Malacca. It is in the Free Commercial Zone of Port Klang, in the state of Selangor.
Its contiguity to the fastest growing commercial and industrial regions centered along the west coast corridor, such as Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Nilai, Senawang and the rest of hinterland within the Peninsular ensures Northport's pivotal role in Malaysia's economic development.
Road transportation plays an important role in the transportation of cargo either for both import and export. Northport is further linked by the country's best highways that offers hassle-free and cheaper by the mile linkages to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang and the rest of the Peninsular. All industrial sites, distribution centres, commercial hubs and airports have direct access to the extensive, efficient and growing Malaysian Highways. The extensive network covers all the cities and states in Malaysia and everyday thousands of trucks depart or arrive from these destinations.

Northport is offering the customer oriented services to their valued customer. It is shows by having The Client Access System (CAS) are an extension of the Container Tracking System (CONTRAK) which allows their customer to track the status of their shipments. They also provide Northport SMS Service to help their customer to get information of container status and Northport terminals. They also provide Customer Service Centre (CSC) that can be reached by dialing 03-3169 8000.
4.1  Container Services
Container services have three terminals named CT1, CT2 and CT3. They have many equipments and facilities that can be use to take and keep the containers. It is support by an array of quay cranes, rubber tyred gantry cranes, straddle carrier, prime movers, trailers, forklifts and high stackers.
4.2  Conventional Services
Conventional services are handled by labors. It is done in Southpoint of Northport for break bulk, liquid and dry bulk cargoes. Southpoint has undergone massive rehabilitation and renewal offers a very broad range of facilities and services for handling cargoes including RO- RO shipments such as machineries and vehicles.
4.3  Logistic Services
Logistic services also known as Northport Distripark. It becomes a Regional Distribution Centre, International Procurement Centre and also a Multi Country Consolidation Centre. By offering the logistic services, Northport become Global Halal Hub. It becomes a link to the manufacturers and producers who are offer the halal products in the global market.
4.4  Marine Services
Marine services offered the worldwide connectivity to over 300 ports in the world. It also offers 24- hour services to ensure safe and efficient movement of vessels. It also is using the experienced pilot on duty.

Northport comprises dedicated and modern multipurpose port facilities and services. Their crews and teams really having a hard work in order to make Northport one of the world ports in the world in fulfilled the increasing of global demands.

Well, inilah report tu...
Ini esaimen individu, so, lecturer minta 2 page je..
so, aku buat la 2 page... :)

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